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To All Ludwig's Significant Others

Please come to Ludwig's home, dress nice. I repeat: Please come to Ludwig's home, and dress nice.

... Gilbert, please bring Roderich with you.

Tub Time

Despite Ludwig's attitude, he had a surprisingly luxurious bathroom, and he had filled the bathtub with hot water and suds in preparation for Gilbert's long awaited bath. "Get in!"

A walk in the park

For the sake of Ludwig's dogs, he didn't bring them here to HQ, so but he still missed the fresh air that accompanied walking them. Luckily, there was a nice park near by, and he really enjoyed going out and taking a nice stroll underneath the sun. It was also a surprisingly appropriate place for having picnics, now that he thought about it.

Ludwig stuffs his hands in his pockets, and strides calmly through the park...


*Ludwig is sprawled out on his couch, recoiling from the previous days events - undoubtedly completely overwhelmed by the whole thing. There was also that matter of having to speak to Feliciano about it... and if Gilbert handled it the way he did, he was also afraid of the way Feliciano was going to react. Regardless, however, he still needed to speak to Roderich to get everything straight. They, after all, hadn't exactly... confirmed or denied anything.*


*Ludwig awoke the next morning, his head throbbing, with very little memory of the previous night. All he could remember was putting Feliciano to bed, and following it with copious drinking with Gilbert until all the rest of his memories had faded away into nothing. He held his head with his hands and let his head fall back against his bed.*

Ow..... what happened last night?

Jul. 11th, 2008

I'm not sure what just happened, but I think I've suddenly ended up with two - yes two - boyfriends. BOYFRIENDS.


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